we built the first ever skatepark in Northern Uganda

The power of skateboarding

Passion for skateboarding transforms lives by teaching perseverance and fostering a global sense of community. It offers opportunities to connect with and learn from other skaters, creating a strong sense of belonging through shared achievements. Skateboarding emphasizes personal improvement over competition, focusing on skill development and daily progress.


Through skateboarding and other activities, Skate & beyond promotes a healthy lifestyle of encounters, sports and personal development of an individual. We also strengthen the social cohesion of Ugandans, by empowering boys & girls and limiting bad behavior and discriminatory practices.


We believe that skateboarding and longboarding is a powerful tool for empowerment, to break the poverty’s cycle and create new opportunities for the most vulnerable. Skate & Beyond Foundation creates equal opportunities for everyone to access sport and strongly believes in the value of each individual and that they have the skills and rights to try skateboarding, regardless of their abilities and life situation.