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Currently, the existing skateboard community consists of more than a dozen official mentors (including 20% of girls) and at least 50 regular skaters (around 20% of girls) and up to 100 kids and youth. The experience showed that there is a huge potential to grow the community and that the current members are highly motivated to make the community bigger and more famous.
The majority of skater beneficiaries come from different socio-economic backgrounds. Some are low-income, others more affluent. There are former and actual street kids. The variety and the mixes favor the exchange. Girls, refugees, street-connected children and youth, and any other collective with complicated family situations can be found oftenly between the skaters assistant to the workshops. The age range is between 5 to 30 years old.

Gulu skateboard community

We’re the skateboard community of Gulu in northern Uganda, brought together since 2013 with a shared passion for using skateboarding as a catalyst for positive change. Despite our diverse backgrounds, we’ve joined forces to tackle the daily challenges in our society. Skateboarding has been our tool to combat boredom and steer clear of negative influences like drug abuse that stem from idleness.

Now, we’re reaching out for additional support to broaden the reach of skateboarding and its transformative impact to even more kids and youth in our community.

Kitgum skateboard society

Established in 2022 within Kitgum district, our society is dedicated to fostering learning, practice, and skill enhancement among local skaters. Additionally, we’re passionate about introducing children and teenagers to the sport. Our overarching goal is to organize inter-regional skate contests within the district, aimed at promoting and expanding sports opportunities in skateboarding throughout Northern Uganda.

Lira skateboard community

(Da tricks crew)

Following the Skate & Beyond team’s skate outreach in Lira in 2023, our skate crew emerged, our mentors assumed responsibility for community organization. Despite their efforts to increase the frequency of skate sessions, we face a shortage of skate equipment. We’re hopeful for additional support in the near future to address this need.